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From: Mike <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 19:37:41 2002

From: Ethan Dicks <>
> The C3 was kinda cool - my experience up to that point was PETs and
> TRS-80s, etc. It was wild to see a box with multiple CPUs that you
> selected depending on what you were going to do. One was a 6502,
> and I expect one of the others was either an 8080 or Z80, but I never
> did get to see under the hood.

C3's are cool. I have two of them, among other OSIi. ;) One, a C3-SI
with a C2D dual 8" floppy system using the 530 board (I think) which has the
z80, 6800, and 6502 all on board. I wish I could find the OSI 460Z board
(and additional backplane? ANYBODY??) that adds the Intersil 6100 and some
other microprocessor too to the base 3 of the C3. (If they had just jammed
the CDP1802 in there too I could have prossibly settled on this one machine
to collect...those bastards...) My other C3 is a C3C12 business unit with
a 23 meg HD, a 555 network board untested still because I don't have a rack
for it. Wish my next door neighbor had one of these systems too, it'd be
cool to see two of 'em networked..

Anyway, this and other machines of mine may soon be available for scheduled
visits at your own location. Stay tuned....

- Mike:
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