Need source for high current HP type (with dimple) 14 or 16AWG 110vac power cord

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 15:19:33 2002

Need a power cable for the Netserver, they got one with all of the machines
they bought for resale so I have to locate one. It's a standard PC type (HP)
plug on the server side except that it's got a dimple on the side opposite
the angled corners and it's either 16 or 14AWG due to the 12A draw of the
server. I also assume it to have a different plug, not sure though. I'm sure
that other applications use the same thing with all the heavy servers out
there and that someone has an aftermarket source or has a few ratholed with
no immenent use for it/them.

HP has theirs listd for US as 8120-5395 but is no longer available (go
figure - no power cord and you have a useless server).

I really don't want to chance grooving a standard 18AWG cord and watching
the fire dept as they hose my shop and new server down.

I just checked JDR and Jameco - Jameco lists a standard cable at 14AWG but
no real picture of the end, just a generic photo/figure. Now it's time to
dig out the Mouser and Digikey catalogs - might find the HP end that I need,
I have plenty of heavy duty power cables with regular female outlets (some
12AWG) that I can use. In that case I could even wire it direct or to 220
(autoranging/adjusting unit). Have to research a little I guess.
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