Need source for high current HP type (with dimple) 14 or 16AWG 110vac power cord

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 17:17:51 2002

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On January 27, Gary Hildebrand wrote:
> > Wonder what the dimple is for? should be able to use a standard IEC
> > connector cord with heay gauge wire. Can't believe that thing is that
> > big of a juice hog. Electric heaters draw about that much power.
> There are three "standard" IEC power connectors...there's the one
> we're all used to, the one with the dimple (higher current) and a
> larger square one (still higher current).

There are also ones for 240V high current gear. Maybe these are same same
as the square one you mentioned? My SGI 210S machine uses one of these
cables to connect the main PSU to the power distribution box. The power
distribution box uses a 240V 30A twist-lock power cord. The main PSU
supplies 100s of Amps at 5V to the card cage and main drives. Just looking
the large bus bars used for power distribution is spooky. Speaking of
which, does anyone know what the nuts for these should be torqued to? I
had to break the unit down when I originally transported it, and am not
sure how tight to tighten them. Should I also use some anti-seize compound
on the threads when torquing the nuts down?

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