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From: John Foust <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 19:09:50 2002

At 10:16 AM 1/27/2002 -0500, Jeff Hellige wrote:
>> I similarly have an great affection for the Atari ST. The OS was all in ram and
>>despite all the criticisms of TOS and the underlying GEM , it was a pretty
>>remarkable system for it's time. Just too bad it had the 4meg limitation and
>>that the Tramiels were in charge.
> Is Jack still alive? I've often wondered who did a worse job running their respective companies...he or Irving Gould at Commodore.

 From Fortune magazine, in 1998:

"Today Tramiel is basically retired and managing his money. From four
residences, he's cut down to one, a palatial house atop a foothill
in Monte Sereno, Calif." So he may still be around.
only found five Tramiel in CA but no Jack, and I don't remember
his sons' names at the moment, but he had two (?) working at
Atari back in the day.

Now, is Gould still alive?

- John
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