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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 09:16:52 2002

> I similarly have an great affection for the Atari ST. The OS was
>all in ram and
>despite all the criticisms of TOS and the underlying GEM , it was a pretty
>remarkable system for it's time. Just too bad it had the 4meg limitation and
>that the Tramiels were in charge.

        Is Jack still alive? I've often wondered who did a worse job
running their respective companies...he or Irving Gould at Commodore.
Tramiel must be given credit for the early days of Commodore
computers though and Atari was already losing loads of money when he
took over. As for the ST, my only experience with them was with the
1040ST and MegaST-2. While I've never had the pleasure of trying one
of the higher performance ST's, I always thought TOS was simple and
speedy on the 68000 powered ones. I never cared for the low-res
color output though so I've always stuck to using the SM124 with my

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