Need source for high current HP type (with dimple) 14 or 16AWG 110vac power cord

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 11:20:50 2002

The Aussie/OZ site that I first found info on them from calls them heater
cords, so obviously they are in common use where a removable cable is needed
on a high current device/appliance. Of course everyone has their own odd
plugs to go to the power receptacle, go figure.

I'd really like to find an attachable (screws/solder/etc) type to put on my
own cable and I could even wire this to a disconnect/safety box on the wall
and make it doubly safe. I'm running the server with one of the 410 watt
redundant power supplies out right now as it's not need yet and saves the
curent draw from 12 amps down to 8, making the 18 AWG cable safe since I
heated ina groove with a soldering iron and then trimmed the melted flash
off t he sides of the groove.

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16AWG 110vac power cord


> > Wonder what the dimple is for? should be able to use a standard IEC
> > connector cord with heay gauge wire. Can't believe that thing is that
> > big of a juice hog. Electric heaters draw about that much power.
> There are three "standard" IEC power connectors...there's the one
> we're all used to, the one with the dimple (higher current) and a
> larger square one (still higher current).

Here in the UK they go by the canocial name "Kettle Plugs", as the higher
current (15A?) version is most frequently found at the end of powercables
for electric kettles (you know, those things for heating water).

The name is frequenly extended to the 5A version as well (the one everyone
is familiar with)

Also in common usage is a "hot to cold cable" :&) I'm sure everyone here
can figure that one out.

-- Matt

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