IRIS Power Series power supply questions

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 12:17:29 2002

Hi everybody,

In preparation for my eventual booting of the IRIS Power Series
machine, I pulled the back off yesterday and inspected the power
supply, etc.

It appears that somebody disconnected several plugs and some
screw-posts when they pulled the unit out of service (!)...

Anyway, to make a long story short, I had to make several
assumptions in order to get the thing back together. Here they
are, and can anyone confirm or deny them?

The square-ish plugs should all be plugged in to the plug they
match. (I thought this one was pretty safe.)

The three loose post-screws go to the three wires that were just
floating around loose (coming directly (more or less) out of the
twist-lok plug. These screws are labeled N~, L~, and <earth

The Earth pin on the twist-lok plug is the longer one. (made sense
to me, but I can't find anything to confirm it...)

The L~ probably stands "Live" or something like that (?)

The N~ probably means "Negative"

The positive lead on the twist-lok plug is the one that has the
breaker on it.

Given that logic:

The L~, being positive, should be attached to the wire with the
breaker in it.

The wire connected to the long pin on the plug should be connected
to the <earth symbol> connector.

The other wire should be connected to the only loose-screw left.

There is further evidence in the way the wires were bent, which
suggests that this is all correct.

Has anyone see these things before, and can possibly confirm this?


Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
Amdocs - Champaign, IL

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