IRIS Power Series power supply questions

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 14:45:24 2002

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Christopher Smith wrote:

> In preparation for my eventual booting of the IRIS Power Series
> machine, I pulled the back off yesterday and inspected the power
> supply, etc.
> It appears that somebody disconnected several plugs and some
> screw-posts when they pulled the unit out of service (!)...

Hopefully the supply is ok. Someone might have pulled a good supply and
put a nonworking one in its place.

> The square-ish plugs should all be plugged in to the plug they match.
> (I thought this one was pretty safe.)

Should be, I'll see what mine looks like.

> The three loose post-screws go to the three wires that were just
> floating around loose (coming directly (more or less) out of the
> twist-lok plug. These screws are labeled N~, L~, and <earth symbol>
> The Earth pin on the twist-lok plug is the longer one. (made sense to
> me, but I can't find anything to confirm it...)

I'll check mine with an ohm meter and see what is connected where.

> The L~ probably stands "Live" or something like that (?)


> The N~ probably means "Negative"


> The positive lead on the twist-lok plug is the one that has the
> breaker on it.

Line should be breakered.

> The wire connected to the long pin on the plug should be connected to
> the <earth symbol> connector.

I don't remember if ground or neutral used the longer pin.

> Has anyone see these things before, and can possibly confirm this?

I've got three deskside single tower machines myself. If you can wait a
few days, I'll pull the plates off of one and take a few digital pics.

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