Hayes Micromodem II / microcoupler (was: Re: Is this a IBM RT mouse?)

From: John Chris Wren <jcwren_at_jcwren.com>
Date: Mon Jan 28 21:49:49 2002

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> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Doc wrote:
> > On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Dave McGuire wrote:
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> > > Me too. We could all meet somewhere and fight for it. :)
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> > > -Dave, grunt grunt
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> > OK. I vote we all rescind our requests and deed the thing to Tony.
> > He'll have several working clones made within the week.
> Speaking of cloning old hardware...Is anyone still looking to duplicate
> the Hayes Micromodem II "microcoupler" units (the external part)? I've got
> one I accidentally dropped and broke the cover on, and have considered
> going ahead and scanning the board and drawing up a schematic. Would there
> be any interest in it? If there is enough interest to justify the time
> required, I might even be willing to cad up the design of the case and pc
> board so that a very close replica could be produced.
> Now for a little history on these modems...
> The Hayes Micromodem II is a modem for the Apple II series made around
> 1982-1983. It consists of an internal board that fits in an expansion slot
> of an Apple II series computer and an external device with a tinted
> plexiglass cover called a "microcoupler". These were connected together by
> a 10 conductor shielded ribbon cable. Hayes designed these modems with the
> telephone to computer interface as a separate unit (since it had to be FCC
> approved) so it could then be used for future modem models. AFAIK, the
> Micromodem II was the only modem that actually ever made use of the
> microcoupler. The microcoupler only has two connectors, both on one end of
> the unit. One is a 10 pin (one pin removed as a key) header for the ribbon
> cable, the other is a RJ11 jack for a modular phone cord.
> -Toth

Working for Hayes, and knowing a little about the MM-II, what you've stated
is correct. I have a friend who is a pack-rat, and *may* just have the
original schematics somewhere. Let me ping him and see what that will
generated. Incidently, the guy who designed the SM-300 and the SB-103 is an
acquaintence of mine.

Somewhere around here, I also have the schematics for the Chronograph. I've
got 15 :-), 4 of which work, 11 of which are untested.

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