Not-so-OT point of philosophy

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Date: Mon Jan 28 22:00:12 2002

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> I started internal medicine rotation at the Loma Linda VA Hospital today
> and noted that the entire place is crawling with WinTerms (by
> Wyse, no less),
> running WinCE, connected via Citrix to a Win2K Advanced Server host. There
> are only a few "real" PCs there -- in fact, I think the Macs
> might outnumber
> them.
> Before all of you cry off-topic, doesn't it seem odd to anyone we're now
> full circle and back to low-power terminals connected to a
> "mainframe," now
> that corporate America has gotten off its fat client kick?

It's becaused system administrators have realized that in certain
environments, primarily where it's not compute intensive, that the rollout
and maintainence issues of full blown OSs on PCs become impractical.
Centralized computing also makes sure files are backed up, everyone gets the
new version at the same time, yada yada yada.

There are a number of advantages in centralized computing. That's one of
the reasons X-terms are so popular in some environments. Centralized
computing, graphics display clients.

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