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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 10:40:40 2002

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> running WinCE, connected via Citrix to a Win2K Advanced
> Server host. There
> are only a few "real" PCs there -- in fact, I think the Macs
> might outnumber
> them.

> Before all of you cry off-topic, doesn't it seem odd to
> anyone we're now
> full circle and back to low-power terminals connected to a
> "mainframe," now

Since when is a "Win2k Advanced Server host" a mainframe? :)
That aside, though, no, it doesn't seem odd at all. It's
certainly The Right Thing To Do, WRT administrative overhead,
and maintenance/repair cost.

Strange, possibly that corporate america is starting to do
the right thing. That's never happened before, to my knowledge.

> Compared to the WinTerms, my old Wyse terminal looks so nice.

Especially when you consider that it won't run windows. :)



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