Need info: Applied Microsystems 8080/8085 Diagnostic Emulator

From: Mike <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 14:52:13 2002

Hyya Joe,

> Does anyone know anything about the item above? I've seen these before
> but this is the first one that I've found with the pod and this one seems
> to work. I've posted a picture at
> <> . I know it's big but I wanted
> to capture as much detail as possible.

I've got one almost like it for the 6809/6809e, the EM-189 Diagnostic
I've got a manual for mine. Check this out:

...the basic function of the [] is to emulate the target system
microporcessor. Effectively, the DE is a pin-compatible functional
replacement for the microporcessor in the target system. The unit is
designed to meet the tiuming specifications of the emulated processor and to
minimize the increase in electrical loading of the user's system. It is
always in one of two modes: RUN and PAUSE. If in the RUN mode. it is
emulating the target system microprocessor and executing the target system
program at full system speed. The Trace Memory will be active (unless
unhibited by external control or trace hold) and all bus cycles of the
emulated microprocessor are recorded for possible later display. In PAUSE
mode, the target system is suspended and you can examine/alter memory and
regisers and review target's execution history...

They can also be configured with Overlay RAM blocks and firmware
disassemblers, etc...

Cool toy!

- Mike
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