Need info: Applied Microsystems 8080/8085 Diagnostic Emulator

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 20:31:40 2002

At 03:52 PM 1/29/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Hyya Joe,
>> Does anyone know anything about the item above? I've seen these before
>> but this is the first one that I've found with the pod and this one seems
>> to work. I've posted a picture at
>> <> . I know it's big but I wanted
>> to capture as much detail as possible.
>I've got one almost like it for the 6809/6809e, the EM-189 Diagnostic

   You also have a model 800 for the Z-80 CPU. I know cause I gave it to ya

   I have some software for mine and I think it will also operate your's
but the disassembler is for the Z-80/8080/8085.

>I've got a manual for mine. Check this out:
>...the basic function of the [] is to emulate the target system
>microporcessor. Effectively, the DE is a pin-compatible functional
>replacement for the microporcessor in the target system. The unit is
>designed to meet the tiuming specifications of the emulated processor and to
>minimize the increase in electrical loading of the user's system. It is
>always in one of two modes: RUN and PAUSE. If in the RUN mode. it is
>emulating the target system microprocessor and executing the target system
>program at full system speed. The Trace Memory will be active (unless
>unhibited by external control or trace hold) and all bus cycles of the
>emulated microprocessor are recorded for possible later display. In PAUSE
>mode, the target system is suspended and you can examine/alter memory and
>regisers and review target's execution history...
>They can also be configured with Overlay RAM blocks and firmware
>disassemblers, etc...

   I know, I have the software :-)

>Cool toy!

    That's what I thought. I bought this one a couple of months ago and
planned on e-baying it and never looked at it closely till today. But after
looking at it I'm not sure if I want to part with it or not.
   Just what I need ANOTHER 8080 emulator. I've got the Fluke 9010, the
Intel uScope and TWO Intel MDS-800s with ICE-80 pods.

   How about sending me the manual that you have? Or are you plannng on
coming down here weekend after next?


>- Mike
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