Old 9-track tape data

From: Mike <dogas_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Tue Jan 29 15:22:55 2002

From: emanuel stiebler <emu_at_ecubics.com>
> So, who are the other two guys in Denver ?

Help. I recently scored two IBM 9348-001 9-track units from a big
AS400/9406 system. I'll publish my 'can-opener' technique for drive removal
if anyone's interested. ;) They look like great drives. I flipped the
fuse holder over to 120v when I got them home and they both breathed again.
I guess I now need a differential SCSI card too for my wintel box, and I'd
like to know what software or configurations others are using for i/o with
these beasts.

On a side note, I may have some interesting 'data' on a few reels and
(qic-1000, I think) carts for the AS400/9406-320 if anyone's interested. ;)

- Mike: dogas_at_bellsouth.net
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