From: Gareth Knight <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 15:33:55 2002

No wonder has mentioned this, so I thought I would throw it into the Classic
"It seems Symantec (purchasers of former company Quarterdeck) has release
DeskView/X into public domain and can be downloaded now. DesqView/X was a
GUI and OS extender that installed into DOS very much like MS Windows does.
This little GUI can run X-Windows and MS Windows 3.x software and can even
gateway serve MS Windows applications to remote X terminals. It was way
ahead of its time and is a pretty decent toy to play with if you have a old
486 laying around. Anyways there is a petition being started that is
petitioning Symantec to release the source code as OpenSource. I think this
is a really good idea and could possiably help alot of other existing
projects like WINE for example. It can load X and rexec X apps with 16mb RAM
for Pete sakes!"
Gareth Knight
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