TV tuner cards... [was: RE: hey"!]

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 16:19:36 2002

>BTW the modern method, which I do not have,
>is to get a digital camcorder with "firewire" and
>the same for your PC, and just download.
>Apparently the camcorder stores in MPEG.

The few times I have done it, I do similar to that. My camcorder has an
anolog to digital passthru. So I can play an analog source (like a VHS
tape), pass it into the camcorder, which passes it along to the firewire
port and into my iMac.

I then just use iMovie to capture it, and then export as Toast VCD

Chews up a bit of space as iMovie only captures in DV format (which is
freaking huge because it is supposed to be lossless), and I also need the
additional space to store the VCD formated MPEG before burning, since I
can't export directly to the burner.

But it works for shorter clips (The longest I have tried is a 7 minute
Tex Avery cartoon... but I could probably do up to an hour or so on my 60
gig drive... not sure)


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