Sharp CE-515P - need more pens! (also: Multitech MPF)

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 20:19:35 2002

At 10:03 PM 1/29/02 -0000, you wrote:
> A few of you might remember my Sharp CE-515P plotter. Well, my pens are
>almost completely devoid of ink and I need more. I know All Electronics sell
>a pack of 4x black pens, but I'm after the four coloured ones (blue, green,
>red and black). I'd really like to keep this thing running, but if I can't
>get the pens then I'm afraid I'm going to have to relegate it to the

   I bought both black and colored pens a few years ago. I THINK I got them
from Goldmine Electronics. You should check with them. Besides their prices
are a lot better than All's.

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