PKZIP problem

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 09:47:20 2002

    OK all you brains out there. See if you can answer this one. How can I
make PKZIP include ALL the files on a disk INCLUDING those in sub
directories and the sub directories themselves. Easy, you say? Go try it.
The help menu says that -r will make it recurse sub directories and that -p
will make it save the directory names and -P will make it save the sub
directory names even if they're empty. OR it says that you can use
-&s[drive] to copy an entire drive.

   Well I've been trying to get either one to work for the last hour and I
haven't had any luck. -$a: ties to create a .ZIP file by the name of -&sa:
but that's illegal so it errors out. -rp, -rP, -Pr and -pr all do that
same thing. It copies all the files including those in the subdirectories
but when you use PKUNZIP all the files are placed in one directory
therefore losing the directory structure and overwritng any files that have
same names but that came from different subdirectories. I've tried this
with MS DOS PKZIP verion 2.04g and with Winzip but I got the same results
with both.

    Any ideas about what's wrong?

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