PKZIP problem

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 10:04:39 2002

Rumor has it that Joe may have mentioned these words:
> OK all you brains out there. See if you can answer this one. How can I
>make PKZIP include ALL the files on a disk INCLUDING those in sub
>directories and the sub directories themselves. Easy, you say? Go try it.
>The help menu says that -r will make it recurse sub directories and that -p
>will make it save the directory names and -P will make it save the sub
>directory names even if they're empty. OR it says that you can use
>-&s[drive] to copy an entire drive.
> Well I've been trying to get either one to work for the last hour and I
>haven't had any luck. -$a: ties to create a .ZIP file by the name of -&sa:
>but that's illegal so it errors out. -rp, -rP, -Pr and -pr all do that
>same thing. It copies all the files including those in the subdirectories
>but when you use PKUNZIP all the files are placed in one directory
>therefore losing the directory structure and overwritng any files that have
>same names but that came from different subdirectories. I've tried this
>with MS DOS PKZIP verion 2.04g and with Winzip but I got the same results
>with both.

Yea - you have to call pkunzip with the -d flag, to tell it to create the
necessary directories.

pkzip -rP is what you want to use for the compression (at least that's
what I always used & worked fine for me).

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