Small UNIX boxes (was RE: Netscape (was Re: PayPal = payola?))

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 16:18:56 2002

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002 wrote:

> I've got a few mini-Linux machines. The smallest is an NEC Versa
> UltraLite, with the runner up being IBM P70. Which reminds me --
> anyone have a parts machine. Mine's missing the critical left shift
> key. Detracts from the joy of Vi on an amber screen. :^>~

I just checked my box of misc keycaps, and no left shift key, sorry. Are
they the same as the ones on standard PS/2 keyboards? If so, I'll pull one
off a junked keyboard next time I come across one.

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