Nuclear Data 66?

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 11:31:17 2002

Has anyone ever heard of Nuclear Data? I found this cool-assed computer
today. It's an all-in-one unit (CRT/keyboard/diskdrive/CPU) and is fairly
big (say, as big as an IBM Datamaster, bigger than a PET).

The coolest part about it is that it seems to be LSI/11 compatible. At
least it has a DEC bus (whatever the bus is called that had quad
slot connectors).

The card cage pulls out from the back and is situated behind the CRT. I
couldn't find the processor card because there were too many cables
jumbled around. It seems to have a couple firmware cards. I wasn't able
to boot it up because I couldn't find the right kind of power cable (it
uses one of those oval shaped power cables...I just saw one the other day
and now can't remember where I put it).

A Google search turns up nothing relevant.

I would have snapped a digital photo but my camera is malfunctioning.

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