Nuclear Data 66?

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 03:30:43 2002

> The coolest part about it is that it seems to be LSI/11 compatible. At
> least it has a DEC bus (whatever the bus is called that had quad
> slot connectors).

QBus or Q-bus or Q-Bus ...

Fits together: Qbus is the standard bus for LSI/11s. CPU types take the
form of 11/x3, and options usually end with a V (e.g. DLV-11/E), though
this is not true for the more "modern" ones, such as the DELQA. I doubt,
however, that you'll find this option there - it's an Ethernet card! ;-)

There was a variant of the VT100 that had a LSI/11 built in. Apparently,
DEC weren't the only ones to make something like this.

Andreas Freiherr
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