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From: Feldman, Robert <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 10:03:44 2002

Also, how does one enforce a no-call list internationally? A lot of the spam
I get on Hotmail comes from non-US sources. BTW, I started getting spam on
Hotmail _before_ I had sent out any email -- just signed up for it and the
spam started coming the next day. And their filtering works for only 80%-90%
of the spam, as about 10% gets delivered to my inbox.


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> I remember when Dalnet blacklisted AOL users for several months. Really
> put the dampers on my IRC activities, as one of my better friends was an
> AOL subscriber.
> What really is needed is stronger rules on unsolicited e-mails. Maybe
> something like a no-send list, like we have here in Missouri for
> telemarketers.

Ohhh, not such a good idea. A no-call list works with telemarketers because
ma bell _knows_ who's making the calls, and the 3733+3 phreaks who have the
skill to skip that little annoyance aren't the same as the ones who spam.
Spam mostly comes from computers with open relays-- the phone equivalent
would be telemarketers calling from phones people left sitting in the
windowsill or on the front porch when they're outta town. Spammers would
see the no-call list as the Holy Grail of verified email lists.

> Gary Hildebrand

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