Nuclear Data 66?

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 11:35:53 2002

> Strangely enough... it's the VT103! Had optional dual drive TU58 mounted
> under monitor (got one, gotta replace the rollers with tygon tubing).

I think I also saw one a _couple_ of years ago that had dual floppy
drives on top of the VT1xx box. Is it possible that there was something
like a VT180? Or was it the "Robin"? - Too long ago. "Dave ... my mind
is going ... I can feel it ..."

I still have to connect a TU58 to my home-grown Motorola 6809 and put a
little RT-11 file system knowledge into it's boot EPROM. That would
allow me to use MACRO-11 as a development platform... - Different

> I haven't been so lucky to run across some of the third-party DEC stuff.
> Most of my Qbus collection is straight DEC. One card I have that I wish
> I could find docs on, looks like a Systems Industries(?) CS-1 SCSI card.
> It does not live at any of the usual MSCP-interface addresses. Beyond
> that, I suspect it's a tape-only interface, so perhaps I didn't look
> where a TMSCP device lives.

If it's a tape interface, then, yes, it will have a different CSR
address. Most of my collection - if you allow me to use this word in
this place - is also straight DEC, even my microfiche viewer served a
DEC technician in it's (the viewers ;-) former life. So I cannot be of
much help with this board, sorry!

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
Received on Thu Jan 31 2002 - 11:35:53 GMT

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