Packrat genome project questions

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 12:50:27 2002

>>First I ever sat in front of and worked on directly was an IBM 1130 via
>>selectric console running a French version of APL.
> Exactly how does a French version of APL differ from a US version???
>It's all Greek <bad pun!>
> I also started out with APL on an 1130.

My first use of APL was via dialup to UCLA to a 360, via selectric and 135
bps modem. Later with the 1130 somebody just showed up with a cartridge,
and the APL was standard, but all the install etc docs were in French.
Since it ran using the console Selectric it was technically the first
computer I ever physically sat in front of and used, the others all either
cards or terminals.

BTW I also "started" with a HP45 in a belt holster, and its still here
someplace. My regular use calculator is whatever pulls down from a on
screen menu, but my HP 16C is still ready in my desk drawer.
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