Computer Museum of America on Tuesday night's PBS NOVA (fwd)

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 15:59:41 2002

>Um? You don't have to. MacOS has AVI / DivX playback. So does Linux, and
>presumably FreeBSD (avifile, xine, etc.).
>Personally, I'd quite like a DivX version of the programme.

AVI is a pretty loose term in the Windows world. I have TONS of AVIs I
can't play on my Mac because of lack of the correct codec (and they don't
exist on the mac at all). But then there are others that play just fine.

Same goes with DivX, although at least there, the Mac isn't as left out
(it tends to be a little behind the curve of DivX versions, but so far, I
have been able to play most DivX movies).

Personally, I am up in the air about DivX on the Mac. It makes VERY nice
quality videos, in a very small size, but at least in my playing, lacks
the ability to scrub thru the video. That means I can fast forward, but
only blindly (I can move the playback marker forward, but the video will
not update as I do, so it is random hunt and peck).

For that reason, I much prefer MPEG, since you get decent quality and
decent file size, and can scrub thru a video, so you can stop when you
hit something interesting looking.

I just don't like Muxed MPEGs, since I can't unMux them on the Mac, which
means I can't burn then to VCD on the mac (Sparkle's MPEGSplitter doesn't
seem to work on any of the muxed files I have tried, always errors out
without even trying)


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