Computer Museum of America on Tuesday night's PBS NOVA (fwd)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 16:00:01 2002

--- Roger Merchberger <> wrote:
> If I remember, I'll tell my Tivo to record it, and then I can download it
> to my [[ can't mention it here, I'll get picked on again... ;-) ]]
> "non-impressive base machine" & convert it to MPEG2 - altho I'm not sure
> what size it'll be - depends on what resolution folks will be happy to
> put up with...

I'd appreciate VCD resolution at a minimum. Even a P100 (or CD-32 with
MPEG cart) can play back a VCD mpeg.
> Otherwise I could burn them to SVCD if anyone has DVD players that can
> play them...

I do! I have an upgraded Apex AD600A (I had to update the firmware
because mine had a bug - it couldn't play SVCD disks with the video
file in the MPEG2 directory, only in the MPEGAV directory).

My experience is that an SVCD MPEG (which is 480x480) runs about 50 min
for an 800Mb file (which barely fits on an 80 min CD-R because it uses
2552(?)-byte sectors, not 2048 byte sectors. Looks nice, though. VCD
(352x200) is about 500MB for the same length (about 10MB/minute).

I'm game, but I have broadband (presuming you didn't want to burn disks).


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