Screwed Again! Property dispo stuff...

From: Netdiablo <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 20:22:32 2002

> * I also picked up an HP-IB looking cable with a Commodore
> logo on it. If I remember correctly, these were used to connect
> peripherals to some old Commodore systems (I don't really follow
> them). It looks like it is totally unused in original bag. If anyone
> wants it, let me know. I pretty much grabbed it with the express
> purpose of offering it to the list, as old micros aren't really my
> thing. It's free as well for the price of shipping, I guess.

Well, a very kind soul has informed me that this cable is a quasi
rare item used to connect peripherals to Commodore PET systems, and
apparently that they are worth a bit of money ($50-80).

So, before I just end up giving this thing away to the person
lucky enough to nail me on a "first come, first serve" basis, does
anyone have any ideas on how to make this part available to anyone
who may be interested in it in an at least marginally equitable
fashion (if multiple people are interested)?

If nobody's interested, then I'll just hang onto the thing -- I'm
sure somebody might run into the need for one sometime in the
future. Otherwise, if you want it, just shoot me an e-mail and let
me know -- i'll wait a little while and see how many people are
interested, and we can go from there...

I don't mean to offend anyone by kind of retracting my original
offer -- I just want to give everyone who may be interested in
the part an equal chance at grabbing it irrespective of "luck of
getting to me first". I'm still not looking for a fortune here --
if anyone wants to cover my costs on the cable (I paid $5), that
would be cool, if not, and you're the only person interested,
well, I still wouldn't be adverse to just handing the thing

Kind regards,


Sean Caron                            
Received on Thu Jan 31 2002 - 20:22:32 GMT

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