Nuclear Data 66?

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Date: Thu Jan 31 20:36:38 2002

I have seen these before. We got Nuclear Data stuff from Hanford. It is used
as a computer that ran process instrumentation in the Nuclear Power
Plant/Research s. Usually they were 11/03s, sometimes upgraded to 11/23s, in
a small Qbus cage.

Often there are a lot of custom cards for the process instrumentation. What
cards are in it, or did you mention and I just miss it.

Things to look for are EPROM cards. Does it boot? What is the floppy drive
hooked up to?

Often there are custom display cards. Sometimes A/D & D/A cards.

Did you check to see if it glows in the dark? :-) Any idea where it
originally came from?

Astoria, OR
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