DEC 350

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jul 1 09:05:19 2002

--- Lawrence Walker <> wrote:
> On a run to the local dump I came up with a DEC 350. It is missing the
> center HD... He gave me the model so it must have been there...

RD51? RD52?

> I am debating whether it's worth the effort to go
> back and find it or is it not too difficult to replace.

The RD50 is a real Seagate ST-506, the RD51 is an ST-412 and the RD52
is one of several 30MB MFM drives including a Quantum 540. How hard it
is to replace is up to the scarcity of MFM drives in your area.

> It has 4cards in the cage and the 2 daughter boards.

Mine has a full boat: a double-card video card set, two CTI bus RAM cards,
a floppy controller and a hard disk controller. I'd give handle numbers,
but they are not here with me.

Those daughter cards can be upgraded from 128K to 512K by replacing the
4164 DRAMs with 41256s and adding W1 and W2. Not sure if you pull both
cards and install one upgrade or if you can install two 512K cards; haven't
tried it yet.


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