DEC 350

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jul 1 14:42:01 2002

 Scored !!
I went back to the dump today and found the missing cover-plate but no HD.
 BUT there was another 350 complete with face-plate, HD, and cables. It had
a handwritten tape "last used in Dec.xx/99" The RX50s on one had a label
pasted over a previous one dated 22jun1992. possibly reconditioned ?
 The previous owners were an international Gas corp. Since this is in the
middle of nowhere, that explains why they wound up here. Likely hooked up
to headquarters.

> RD51? RD52?
RD52. Quantum 540 full-ht.

> > I am debating whether it's worth the effort to go
> > back and find it or is it not too difficult to replace.
> The RD50 is a real Seagate ST-506, the RD51 is an ST-412 and the RD52
> is one of several 30MB MFM drives including a Quantum 540. How hard it
> is to replace is up to the scarcity of MFM drives in your area.
> > It has 4cards in the cage and the 2 daughter boards.
> Mine has a full boat: a double-card video card set, two CTI bus RAM cards,
> a floppy controller and a hard disk controller. I'd give handle numbers,
> but they are not here with me.
The cards are labeled 000401, 002004, 001002, 000034. The same on both

> Those daughter cards can be upgraded from 128K to 512K by replacing the
> 4164 DRAMs with 41256s and adding W1 and W2. Not sure if you pull both
> cards and install one upgrade or if you can install two 512K cards; haven't
> tried it yet.
> -ethan
 What's W1 and W2 ?

 There's no KBds. but IIRC from postings here it can use the lk201's that I
have with my Rainbows. I also have VR201 and VR241 monitors which I
believe will work. I have some blank 5 1/4 DEC floppies and from discussions
here I can use a 'bow to format more for them.

 I have a DECMATE manual that had system disks but also a demo disk
which would work with my r'bow. I wonder if it might also work with the 350.

 With Tony D's strictures in mind I'll move cautiously before trying to fire
them up.

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