DEC 350

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jul 1 16:37:26 2002

 Yay ! The one with the RX52 fired up using the VR201, displayed the logo
and went thru a date thing, loaded P/OS V. 3.1 and, of course started the log-
in process demanding a user name and password. Anyone know how I can
bypass or disable the name and password ?

> >The cards are labeled 000401, 002004, 001002, 000034. The same on both
> >machines.
> Then all you probably need for the first Pro350 you got is a drive
> in the DEC RDxx series.
> > I have a DECMATE manual that had system disks but also a demo disk
> >which would work with my r'bow. I wonder if it might also work with the
> >350.
> Nope... entirely different instruction architectures...
 I wondered if the Deskmate demo might be some sort of generic disk since
it did work on the Rainbow and the Deskmate is also a different architecture.
Of course the Deskmate System disks were rejected.


> Megan Gentry
> Former RT-11 Developer
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