DEC 350

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jul 1 17:28:35 2002

--- Lawrence Walker <> wrote:
> > RD51? RD52?
> >
> RD52. Quantum 540 full-ht.

Nice. Probably the best thing for it.

> > Those daughter cards can be upgraded from 128K to 512K by replacing the
> > 4164 DRAMs with 41256s and adding W1 and W2. Not sure if you pull both
> > cards and install one upgrade or if you can install two 512K cards;
> > haven't tried it yet.
> What's W1 and W2 ?

Two marked jumper positions on the daughtercard.

> There's no KBds. but IIRC from postings here it can use the lk201's that
> I have with my Rainbows.


> I also have VR201 and VR241 monitors which I believe will work.

Yep - the VR201 will work on any Pro350 configuration. Not sure if
the VR241 will work if you don't have the color option. Again, I don't
have the handle numbers here, but if you have two cards in the CTI cage
with a ribbon cable connecting the two, but attached to nothing else,
you probably have the color option. In fact, with 4 cards total, I'd
suspect you have the color video board set, an RX50 controller and an
MFM drive controller.

> I have some blank 5 1/4 DEC floppies and from discussions
> here I can use a 'bow to format more for them.

Yes. You can also use a 5.25" drive in a PC (Teac FD55GFR is one
of the best to have for this) and format *double density* blanks
for it (the coercitivity of the HD media is different than the DD
media - the RX50 uses DD media, formatted single-sided, 80 tracks,
rather than double-sided, 40 tracks like for a PC, but it's the same


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