Lisa 1 Registry (WAS Re: And, the insanity continues)

From: Justin M Dunlop <>
Date: Tue Jul 2 21:05:10 2002

Hi Sellam,

Well better count me in for my "frankenlisa" as you previously
referred to it. You may remember it was upgraded to a Lisa 2/5 and I
subsequently 'downgraded' (?) to a Lisa 1.

Had to find the I/O ROM, twiggy drives and cage and the front panel,
reconnect the two resisters etc,etc.

I even managed to find a complete set of Lisa OS and Office v1 disks.
Unfortunately, the Lisa OS disk 1 went bad before I could install the
Profile. I now have a new (copied) set on the way.

I have got it to boot the Lisa 1 version of BPI accounting though.
I've also got a copy of Unix for Lisa 1 but the serialized ROM is
causing me trouble. Anyone ever found a technician's video ROM with
no serial number? If so I'd love to get a copy!

I remember someone contacted me about an application they were
writing to take images of twiggy floppies - a flurry of activity at
first, then nothing. Anyone else heard from them?

Kind regards,

Justin Dunlop
Melbourne, Australia

>The reserve was met at $10,000, which is exactly the value that I would
>place on a working Lisa 1 of this caliber, with the accessories included.

>I know of around maybe a dozen in existence now (with you having two that
>brings the total up :)

>I need to start a Lisa 1 registry. Who's got one (or two)?
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Justin M. Dunlop
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