Lisa 1 Registry (WAS Re: And, the insanity continues)

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Tue Jul 2 21:13:45 2002

Justin...I bet you had some real adventures trying to find all those
items..esp. in Australia (my relatives are in Brisbane) to hear
how you managed to get all those items together.

Wishing for his own Lisa-1 someday

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Hi Sellam,

Well better count me in for my "frankenlisa" as you previously
referred to it. You may remember it was upgraded to a Lisa 2/5 and I
subsequently 'downgraded' (?) to a Lisa 1.

Had to find the I/O ROM, twiggy drives and cage and the front panel,
reconnect the two resisters etc,etc.

I even managed to find a complete set of Lisa OS and Office v1 disks.
Unfortunately, the Lisa OS disk 1 went bad before I could install the
Profile. I now have a new (copied) set on the way.

I have got it to boot the Lisa 1 version of BPI accounting though.
I've also got a copy of Unix for Lisa 1 but the serialized ROM is
causing me trouble. Anyone ever found a technician's video ROM with
no serial number? If so I'd love to get a copy!

I remember someone contacted me about an application they were
writing to take images of twiggy floppies - a flurry of activity at
first, then nothing. Anyone else heard from them?

Kind regards,

Justin Dunlop
Melbourne, Australia

>The reserve was met at $10,000, which is exactly the value that I would
>place on a working Lisa 1 of this caliber, with the accessories

>I know of around maybe a dozen in existence now (with you having two
>brings the total up :)

>I need to start a Lisa 1 registry. Who's got one (or two)?
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