FREE STUFF in Austin, TX

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Thu Jul 4 20:31:14 2002

I've got some FREE STUFF in Austin, Texas.

Only thing is, you *HAVE* to pick it up, *IN PERSON*.
I"m tired of people saying they'll arrange something,
have someone come by, etc.

Its up for grabs for the first person who shows up and can actually put
this stuff to use, or emails me with a *convincing* reason why I should
hold/ship it for them and has something to trade for what they want.

First batch, some Sun VME boards and a 4/6x0 memory board: (pictures)

(the DELNI and the GRiD laptops are spoken for)

Some of the cards are FDDI: (pictures)

Second, a Toshiba T3100 orange-plasma-screen laptop. CMOS battery is
dead, but it works fine if you have a DOS boot disk and put the time in
manually. Makes a GREAT serial console for a *NIX machine: (pictures)

(well, its more of a "portable"; it only takes AC power and is rather
heavy.. if you've seen "Medicine Man" with Sean Connery, one of these is the
machine he's using in his "lab" IIRC...)

Third, I have a pair of IBM P70 portable (486?) systems with orange
plasma displays. When I got these, one powered up but gave a "bad HD"
error code, one didnt power up at all. I attempted to swap out the hard
drives between the two, but after I tried that, neither would power up.
I beleive they are both missing the back system cover, but would be great
for replacement parts to keep another P70 running.

Fourth, I have an IBM PC Convertible laptop, with dual 720K floppy drives,
LCD screen (of course), battery pack, and the I/O-port "pack", in original
IBM canvas carry case. Last time I fired it up (early '99?) the backlight
was intermittent, but otherwise everything worked fine. Great keyboard; might
make a good serial console for something.

Again, free, but you must pick these up in Austin, TX, at my house.
I will NOT ship anything (unless you have a REALLY good trade offer,
and pay for shipping). If you want something held, you will have to
trade me something interesting for what you want.

I'm tired of people telling me "oh, I'll pick those up soon" or
"I'll have $relative who lives near there contact you", etc.

First come, first serve. I need this stuff out of the way, but its
too good to trash..


Bill Bradford 
Austin, TX        
Received on Thu Jul 04 2002 - 20:31:14 BST

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