New Haul

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Thu Jul 4 22:45:52 2002

In my continuing efforts to get rid of stuff, I fell off the wagon when
I was offered some Tandy computers that turned out to be Coco2
computers. Not too unusual by itself, but the peripherals and
documentation were amazing. Besides the original manuals, etc., the
service manual for both the Coco2 and the Coco Floppy disk drives were
included. Then add another 8 or 10 books about Coco assembly and basic
programming, and things started to get interesting. The final clincher
was that this whole lot of stuff was used to control an "NC" drill that
used a dremel tool for the drill ... and that drill along with the scope
and control program was included for programming and drilling holes. So
far, I haven't found any schematics for the unit but I will try and get
in contact with the person that had the stuff and find out what they
know. From the nametags on the equipment, it was used by a local company
to fabricate some of their products.
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