New Haul

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Fri Jul 5 00:07:29 2002

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Marvin Johnston wrote:

> [...] The final clincher
> was that this whole lot of stuff was used to control an "NC" drill that
> used a dremel tool for the drill ... and that drill along with the scope
> and control program was included for programming and drilling holes. So
> far, I haven't found any schematics for the unit but I will try and get
> in contact with the person that had the stuff and find out what they
> know. From the nametags on the equipment, it was used by a local company
> to fabricate some of their products.

Wow, excellent find. My first job out of college was doing sysadmin
work for a company that had a number of mold building shops with large
CNC machines--mostly Fadals. I'd have never guessed that Tandy Color
Computers were used for that type of work. Nice find.

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