From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jul 5 18:23:32 2002

--- Patrick Finnegan <> wrote:
> Yup, from 4kW to 32kW, there's some description of the differences here:
> However, it doesn't tell me what I need to look for in a RAM IC for it,
> like if a standard 4116 or 4164 will work (possibly grounding extra
> R/C address lines on the 4164...) There's a total of 32 memory IC's, all
> non-standard looking part numbers on the MSV11 I have.

AFAIK, the MSV11-D takes 4116 DRAMs, but I've seen them with other
part numbers (8xxx?) You can't drop in 4164s for a couple of reasons:
refresh and voltage. The 4116 and its 4kbit predecessor are multi-voltage;
the 4164 and its descendents are +5VDC only.

I have upgraded other DEC memory boards that were half populated. You
might be able to do the same here. All of the MSV11D modules I've ever
seen were already up to 32KW.


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