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Date: Fri Jul 5 18:40:03 2002

>I'm betting it's as small as QBUS comes. It's a Q/Q backplane, with 4
>quad-with slots. However, I could stick it into the backplane for my
>VAXstation 3200, which should be 22-bit Q/Q for most of the backplane
>(perhaps Q/CD for the top three quad-width slots).

Doesn't make sense to put it in the 22-bit backplane if the processor
and memory can't use it... The backplane you have is fine...

>OK, well, I have an 11/2 CPU and not an 11/73 CPU. If you want to
>donate an 11/73 CPU, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :)


Fine... an 11/23 (KDF11-A) will work there as well... and if you don't
have that or can't get it, the 11/2 is fine to get the machine going.

>The 'MSCP ESDI' board, part # "SCD-RQD11/EC" (I guess it's not a DEC
>on the back, is in my VAXstation 3200, and runs a pair of 600MB-650MB
>drives that appear to be ESDI. I've got a DECNA (i think) network
>adaptor in my VS3200 I could try to use. Right now, I'm wanting to try
>and re-use hardware I have instead of search for hardware that is hard to

Okay, it isn't DEC... and is ESDI... great... you have disks (do you
have a floppy to attach to it so that you can install software?)

The DECNA is for the PRO series of machines... you need a DEQNA or
DELQA... since you are going to be running PDP-11 OSes, the DEQNA
should be fine if you can get one. If you can't, you will still
have a workable machine.

>Also, is it possible/easy to change the M8044-BB board (8KW?) to have at
>least 16KW if not 32KW of memory? That'd be a nice upgrade for the
>machine if I can do it myself with 'stock' DRAMs.

Yes, you can replace the M8044-B with an M8044-C (for 16kw) or
M8044-D (for 32kw). The above parts are fine, but you still need
a boot board (REV-11) and a serial line unit (DLV11 or, better,
a DLV11-J). If you can find an MXV11-B, you can add its memory
to that of the M8044-B you already have and get up to 24kw plus
two serial lines and boot code which will boot from MSCP type
disks (as well as code for DX, DY, and DL).

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