Interesting Apple ][ card

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jul 7 15:09:39 2002

On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, Curt Vendel wrote:
> > Probably some yo-yo plugged it into a telco outlet and the first time the
> > phone rang, ZAP! 50volts DC to fry the hardware ;-)
> I get 90 volts AC at 20 Hz

True, 90VAC on the ring cycle. In the off-hook you have 48VDC (nominal)
at 20mA.

At any rate, the jack on the end was RJ45, so it wouldn't have been easy
for someone to plug it into a phone jack, but I'm sure a determined idiot
could manage :)

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