[CCTECH] List Management Q/A

From: Jeffrey Sharp <lists_at_subatomix.com>
Date: Mon Jul 8 19:33:00 2002

This email contains answers to recent member questions, some new questions
for members, and news of recent changes.


> Is the email address obfuscation in the archive up and running,

Yes, but it has problems. It only obfuscates the 'From:' address. Many
people include email addresses in their sig blocks or introduce quoted text
with "On mm/dd/yyyy, name <user_at_domain> wrote:" or similar lines. The
obfuscator doesn't obfuscate these things, so the whole feature seems rather
worthless to me. The spam-conscious should definitely use a different safety

> Does the list archiver honor the 'X-NoArchive: Yes' line?


> Can it be made to?

I don't see any options for that.

> I'd like to be able to announce something (like the username/password for
> my private FTP site), but I don't want it to live forever in the archive.

Workaround: announce on the list that you will give out the info, but make
people email you to request it. Send the info out privately to those who
request it.


Considering how vulnerable it is (see above), would anybody mind if I turned
off the obfuscator?

Currently, "[CCTECH]" is prepended to all subject headers sent to cctech.
Would anyone mind if I lowercased that to "[cctech]"? The capital letters
seem to be screaming a little too much.

Would anyone mind if "[cctalk]" was appended to all subject headers sent to

What are our opinions on the two-lists solution?

Cctech isn't currently moderated. In fact, it never has been AFAIK. It seems
to have stayed on-topic without moderation. Are we ready for moderation to
be turned on, or should we consider alternatives?


The problem with the autocrossposting of cctech posts has been fixed. Posts
from cctech subscribers should no longer require approval before they
forward to cctalk. If the problem still occurs for you, you can stop it by
subscribing to cctalk and disabling mail delivery for it on the options

The date shown for archived posts has been changed from the 'sent' date
(what the author says the date is) to the 'resent' date (what the classiccmp
server thinks the date is). This will protect our archive from the people
whose computers think it is 1970.

Jeffrey Sharp
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