[CCTECH] List Management Q/A

From: Chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Jul 8 19:51:01 2002

>Would anyone mind if "[cctalk]" was appended to all subject headers sent to

As long as it doesn't cause replies to get into a battle over the
prepending being before or after the Re: which rapidly turns into a
subject line of "[cctalk] Re: [cctalk] Re: [cctalk] Re: [cctalk] Re:

Personally, I hate ALL list prepending for just this reason. I haven't
seen one that works well with replies (probably because email clients
battle how a reply is handled. I constantly see long threads turn into
"RE: Re: RE: Re:").

Of course, I can live without the prepending just fine because my email
client sorts the emails for me, so I don't need it to see in the subject
where something is from. I do sympathize with those that are using
clients that don't presort.

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