List Management Q/A

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon Jul 8 20:58:01 2002

Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> > Does the list archiver honor the 'X-NoArchive: Yes' line?
> No.

Um, I think the canonical spelling is "X-No-Archive:". You might want
to try another test with that.

> Would anyone mind if "[cctalk]" was appended to all subject headers sent to
> cctalk?

Appended or prepended? Either way, yes, I mind. I'll deal with it,
but I'd rather not have to.

And in contrast to Chris, I'm not at all sympathetic to people who say
they need this to sort their received mail; the list provides other
headers that are usable for selecting cctalk mail. For example,

-Frank McConnell
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