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Date: Mon Jul 8 21:59:01 2002

Re prepending (or appending) "[cctalk]" on the subject line, I agree with
Frank ... I'd hate it. I'd live, but I'm much happier having it gone.
Anyone who can filter on subject *should* be able to filter on another
header; anyone who can't filter probably wants to get the digest version


On 8 Jul 2002, Frank McConnell wrote:
> Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> [...]
> > Would anyone mind if "[cctalk]" was appended to all subject headers sent to
> > cctalk?
> Appended or prepended? Either way, yes, I mind. I'll deal with it,
> but I'd rather not have to.
> And in contrast to Chris, I'm not at all sympathetic to people who say
> they need this to sort their received mail; the list provides other
> headers that are usable for selecting cctalk mail. For example,
> "Sender:".
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