IBM PC 5150 rescue in Central Indiana

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jul 9 14:23:00 2002

I was contacted by a fellow about a 64K 5150 that seems to have the
older 16K-64K motherboard, with all the trimmings... his messages
follow. Contact him directly, not me. He is moving and needs
this picked up by this weekend or it goes to Goodwill or the dumpster.

I _have_ checked with him. Pick-up is OK. First come, first served.


I have an original IBM-PC (64K, 2-drive, cassette port model hardwired
with serial # sticker deteriorated ending in 9248(?) complete with an
Epson FX85 printer, Zenith monitor (the IBM monitor expired 2 months after
purchase) and software including Wordstar, VisiCalc, DOS1.1, and all
manuals in original binders and cases and most original IBM software
I am moving in one week (7/16) and just want to put this with someone who
would appreciate its uniqueness and get some pleasure from it. It worked
when stored but I have not tested it. The only repair was a new power
supply shortly before I replaced it -- about 1982-ish.
Shipping costs paid by buyer would be about $200 (those suckers were
heavy!) paid to my PayPal account (JESMason) for your protection.
If this is not for you, perhaps you know of someone who would be
~~> Scott Mason
I'm not an expert but I believe it meets your need. I know it would not
expand beyond 64K (I had a choice of 16K, 32K, or 64K and the only way to
expand it was a cassette. And mine cost $10,900 new. 8-)
If you can pick it up by this Sunday 7/14, great. Otherwise it goes to
Goodwill on Monday. My only interest is that someone enjoy it. I shoved it
into the attic and forgot about it until now.
The address is:
10719 Braewick Drive, Carmel, IN 46033
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