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From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Tue Jul 9 17:29:00 2002


> Re prepending (or appending) "[cctalk]" on the subject line, I agree with
> Frank ... I'd hate it. I'd live, but I'm much happier having it gone.
> Anyone who can filter on subject *should* be able to filter on another
> header; anyone who can't filter probably wants to get the digest version
> anyway.


Due to a bug in Samsung Contact (successor to the hated OpenMail from HP),
I now have to have all my classiccmp/cctalk/cctech mail forward from our
Samsung Contact system to a system that does POP correctly. But, that
forwarding screws up the sender/reply info (from Pegasus's viewpoint, anyway).

The short of it is: if it isn't in the subject line, or from the simple
"From" line (e.g.,, I can't usefully filter on it now.

I.e.: I *WANT* the CCTALK/CCTECH in the header! ought to be optional on a per-user basis, anyway :)
As it is in LISTSERV:
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