KM-11 (was RE: help needed: problem with UNIBUS access on my PDP-11/70)

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Thu Jul 11 17:09:00 2002

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> > >Nice pages. Had seen them before, but lost the URL ...
>BTW, how much did that KM-11 replica PCB cost? I wish I
>could find hobby-level PCB vendors that _could_ do
>gold fingers, but for as much as that card would be used,
>I can tolerate tin.

I looked it up and it was $130 for two boards back in 10/2000.
They are about the cheapest board house that I''ve found and
the free layout software that they have is simple to use. If you
can squeeze your design into a double sided 2.5"x3.75" layout,
they will sell you two boards for $60 with a 2 day turnaround.

>I have a TM11 and an RK11C that I'd love to stick one of
>these onto. I've seen Tony's pages in the past, but never
>worked up enough energy to do a point-to-point replica. At
>least I do have a single-height prototype card or two, but
>I was hoping to save them for, say, crystal-controlled
>baud-rate generators for a PDP-8/L (to run a VT52 reliably at
>a comfortable split 9600/150 baud rate).

I used to do point to point work, but now I find that my time
is more valuable when the design has more than a few components.

>Worst case, I do have some bare copper-clad board of the right
>dimension (not sure about thickness without checking), but I'd
>still miss the gold fingers.

Standard 0.062" thick board.


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