non DEC drives (was: DEC 350)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 21:26:00 2002

Ethan Dicks <> wrote:
> There was a Fuji MFM drive also called the Eagle? When I think of an
> "Eagle", I think of the ~10" platter, 10.5" tall, 19" wide SMD
> drive that clocks in around 400MB - I have several of them, and
> some SI9900 controllers with Massbus cards.

That's the one. Definitely MFM.

Not an ST-506 interface, though, which I later realized is what
this discussion is apparently about.

> I wouldn't claim that the XT2190 was the absolute largest capacity MFM
> drive, but it's pretty close, ISTR. Right about the time that 16 heads
> by 1024 cyls was about the largest you could get is when
> ESDI began to take over the large end of the small computer market and
> IDE began to take over the small end.

1224 cylinders for the XT-2190. Some controllers couldn't handle that
many; typically they were limited to 1024.
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