From: James Rice <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 22:07:00 2002

As I recall, the NorPaks are an obsolete line of AC and DC motor drives
that Square D produced in the mid to late '70's. The modules you have
were used as sensor interface units to monitor motor current by way of
current transformers or CT's. The NorPaks are so old that you probably
would have to search long and far to even find a SqD employee who
remembers them. They were kind of an orphan product even when new. I
no longer have my copies of old SqD digests as a reference and there is
nothing on the SqD site about them. SqD was bought in the early '90s
by Group Schneider, a French company who proceded to dismantle all
support for older products.

Joe wrote:

> Today I picked up some modules marked with the Square D logo and the name NorPak on them along with Class 8853 and Type TO-7. The modules are about 2 1/2" square and about 2" high and have two symbols of Op_Amps on them along with three ten contact terminal strips. The terminals have holes for some kind of small pins to plug into them. Next to the Op-Amp symbols they're marked "250 Ma DC Amplifier (2)". They look like plug-in modules for some kind of electronic training device. Is anyone familar with these?? Google didn't turn up anything.
> Joe
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